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Earth Day Should Be Every Day
Earth Day Should Be Every Day
So Grateful for My Ayurveda & Yoga Colleagues

Whether you're a diehard cruncher or stalwart planker, your ab workout could probably use a tune-up.

So Grateful for My Ayurveda & Yoga Colleagues
Telomere Health and Nutrition

Get fitter, faster. Burn calories quickly with this high-intensity circuit! If you've got 15 minutes, you can send fat fleeing.

Telomere Health and Nutrition
7 Steps to a Healthy Heart

If your calves are stuck at skinny-kid status, then you're probably making one or more of 3 mistakes

7 Steps to a Healthy Heart

Dr. Valencia Porter enjoys helping people achieve optimal health, utilizing her expertise in both Western medicine and many other modalities including Ayurveda and Mind-Body Medicine.

Board Certified in both General Preventive Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine, she currently practices at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California where she is the Director of Integrative Medicine.





It’s Time to Join the Detox Revolution

Learn How to be Healthy and Thrive in our Toxic World

with Dr. Valencia Porter

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