What Body Are You?

Have you ever wondered what actually accounts for differences in people? Why are some people hyperactive and fast moving, while others exude grace and stillness? Why can some people eat a five-course meal with ease, while others can barely finish a salad? Why are some people inherently joyous, while others carry the weight of the world on their shoulders? Modern genetics offers some insight, but what about the characteristics and idiosyncrasies that make every person unique? Ayurveda answers all of these questions with the Three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

The doshas are biological energies found throughout the human body and mind. They govern all physical and mental processes and provide every living being with an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment.

The doshas derive from the Five Elements and their related properties. Vata is composed of Space and Air, Pitta of Fire and Water, and Kapha of Earth and Water.

I have bloating, cramping, or excessive gassiness

My appetite is inconsistent

I often skip meals because I forget or am not hungry

My skin is dry or flaking

I have chronic pain

My bowel movements are irregular

My bowel movments are often hard and dry

I get light-headed when I stand up quickly

My hands and feet tend to be cold

I have muscle twitches, cramps, or heart palpitations

I feel overheated or have been experiencing hot flashes

I have headaches accompanied by light sensitivity or distorted vision

My eyes are itchy, irritated, red, or watery

I have more than two bowel movements per day

My appetite is excessively strong; I feel ravenous

I often have reflux/heartburn or have an ulcer

I feel like I have accumulated toxins (from food, air, water, alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs) in my body

I have a problem with my liver function

I have high blood pressure

My skin is itchy, irritated; I have a rash or acne

My ankles tend to swell

I feel stiff in the morning

I have a lot of phlegm or mucous production

I am more than 10 pounds over my ideal weight

I have high cholesterol

I have asthma or experience wheezing

I have diabetes, pre-diabetes, or elevated blood sugars

I feel tired after eating

I feel nauseated or full for an extended period of time after eating

I have frequent sinus or respiratory infections