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Wellness Consults and Health Coaching




During a typical initial consultation, Dr. Porter will evaluate your health concerns and wellness goals from a holistic perspective that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.  Together, you will develop a personalized plan for well-being that may include recommendations on nutrition, stress management, physical activity, supplements, emotional healing, lifestyle modifications, restful sleep, and other complementary tools.  Her health-enhancing prescription will give you clear direction on the next steps for you to take on your path to wellness.

After your initial consultation, Dr. Porter can provide extended health coaching to keep you on track to obtain your health goals.

Dr. Porter has helped clients find relief and healing from many conditions such as: insomnia, fatigue, weight issues, digestive disturbances, headache, migraine, arthritis, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stress disorders, menopause, attention-deficit disorder, adrenal burnout, leaky gut, food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities.

Dr. Porter does not provide primary care services, but will speak with your healthcare provider(s) upon your request to optimize your care plan.

Consultations are fee-for-service only.  Dr. Porter does not accept any insurance plan and is out-of-network.  For PPO plans, Dr. Porter is able to provide a superbill for in-person visits that you may submit to your insurance plan for potential reimbursement or application towards your deductible.

I love supporting people in restoring balance and health in their lives



To schedule a consultation, please submit the form below or call (760) 642-1677. ***PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Porter currently has very limited availability and new patient requests may be placed on a waitlist. Please review the FAQ if you have questions about the practice

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