“…thoroughly enjoyed opening up to her, sharing my problems and receiving sound advice.” ED, New Jersey

“…Loved her! I felt she actually listened and genuinely card.  Her recommendations were very helpful.” KN, Toronto

“She’s great and helped me a lot.” –FC, Mexico

“I really appreciated her researching my concerns and making recommendations on my report.” – JO

“very helpful & personable” – MD

“She listened well, asked relevant questions and offered helpful suggestions.  Thanks” –JB

“Personable, listens, basically gets you to tell her what is going on in your life.” –SM

“She was very helpful.  Spoke common sense – listened sensitively” – GM

“Useful, cooperative, informative.” – BA

“Dr Porter is a great listener.  She is compassionate & gentle.  Her voice is soothing.” –BS

“I valued her time and therapeutic communication.  I also appreciate her specific recommendations for me.” – NC

“Wonderful, smart, enlightening” – JA

“Very knowledgeable, helpful * loving.  I’d like to take her home with me.”  -LB

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